The DA40 is an all round practical and versatile multi-use four seat airplane for the 21st century. Combining the best qualities of its venerable predecessors, like the Cessna 172 Skyhawk and 182 Skylane, the DA40 does it all, with a modern twist. Personal flying, instruction, cross country transportation, the DA40 offers a unique blend of practicality, performance, and value.

With a modern all composite airframe, proven Lycoming IO360 piston engine and the industry-leading Garmin G1000, the DA40 combines a blend of modern airframe and avionics with the venerable Lycoming IO360, arguably the most reliable AVGAS engine of all time.

With nearly 2,000 Diamond DA40’s in worldwide service today, many in high utilization commercial operations, the DA40 fleet is proving its durability and safety, day in and day out, every day.


The performance, stability, handling characteristics and ease of operation of the DA42 make it an easy transition from single to twin. Superb performance with a single engine service ceiling of 18,000’ offers a margin of safety that single engine aircraft simply do not have. Especially when flying in inclement weather, over inhospitable terrain, over water and at night, nothing beats the safety of continued flight in case of engine failure.


That is why Diamond’s high performance piston is a twin.The DA42’s unique combination of performance and utility will impress pilots looking to go direct, even in unfriendly weather. Flight schools training the next generation of professional pilots benefit from the DA42’s superior recruitment appeal, while enjoying low total life cycle costs that make the DA42 the best value, as well as the most capable aircraft, on any flight training line.


The DA20’s graceful lines and sporty looks belie its utility and durability. An incredibly fun aircraft to fly, the DA20-C1 earns its stripes in worldwide high utilization flight training day in and day out. It has been the standard and sole US Airforce pilot candidate initial flight screening aircraft for the past decade – enough said?

Flight schools worldwide appreciate the DA20’s robustness, performance, ramp appeal and economy of operation. It’s used to train from first flight through night VFR and IFR (in VMC), including instructor ratings, thanks to the spin certification.

Its generous useful load, even well equipped, ample fuel capacity and comfortable cockpit make it a favorite of instructors, students and flight school operators alike. In continuous production for over 20 years, the DA20 has more than proven itself, with the accumulated experience of millions of flight hours, flown in all operating extremes, shaping the current model.


With advanced features such as Synthetic Vision and a fully updateable navigational database (with Jeppesen subscription), no other technically advanced aircraft training system can compete with the GTX’s features and fidelity. The GTX Diamond adds quality glass panel technology to your flight training curriculum at an affordable price. The GTX Diamond AATD system brings the fidelity of our popular GTX system to Diamond specific training.